If you think you have heard it all then you haven't heard of the Tongaren. Maybe we are in the end times and the bible's revelation is coming out clearly. Because according to the scriptures i.e Mark 13:5-7 Jesus talked about many who will come in his name claiming to be Him, and in Tongaren Bungoma county, Kenya, we have one.

Well, unlike Jesus who was born of a virgin Mary in Bethlehem, Eliud Wekesa of Jerusalem Mpya Kanisa la Yesu (New Jerusalem Church Of Jesus), Lukhokhwe Village Tongaren Bungoma county, was born of a man and a woman 1981 in Lukhokhwe Village Bungoma county. He was raised up like any other child among his siblings but at the age of nine he started having visions.

In an interview with a local media in Kenya he narrated that one morning when he was outside his parents’ house, a sound drew his attention skywards. Then he saw hundreds of angels come down to greet him. He was not alarmed and thereafter he told his parents about it.

He further claimed that his parents were not surprised by it, because they sensed early on that he was a special child. Since he was the only one who used to see the visions, whenever he told those around him that he sees angles, they would think he had a mental problem. His parents used to call him Mungoi (prophet) and Omusalisi (preacher).

In 1996 and 1997 consecutively his parents died, since he was the last born in a family of nine, life became tough and he dropped out of school after the first term in form one at Lukhokhwe Secondary School to fend for himself. His dad had enough land, so he ventured into farming for some years. At the age of 20 he got married.

He said that the visions continued to appear to him until he became a family man and his son too started experiencing the same visions, by then he was 26 years old. What made him realize his special status, was an encounter with angels at his brother's house, where they revealed to him how some neighbors teamed up to bewitch him.

"I was directed to burn the talisman that was miraculously revealed to me and when I lit the fire, I was instructed to place the talisman on a bible. Surprisingly, when the fire was out, the bible remained intact and that is when I knew I had a special purpose on earth." he said.

He added "I am the son of God and I came back to complete the work that I started more than 200 years ago when I left earth".

Yesu wa Tongaren built his church in 2015 and to date it has both children, teenage youths and adult members with more than 200 ordained angels and prophets. Like Jesus Christ, he has twelve disciples representing the 12 tribes of Israel. Ordaining of the prophets, he says, comes after the said individual gets a revelation from God. Ordained church members put on different robes.

"The red robes signify that the prophets who don them command fire that destroys all evil. The sky blue colour signifies God's work while white signifies purity of heart of the wearer. Green is worn by those who have powers to heal through prayer." he said.

Yesu wa Tongaren's wife is among the prophets and goes by the name Nabii Benjamin though she was born Susan Bulimo. Equally, his fifth born son, nine years old, is a prophet and is known as Nabii Yusufu.

In an interview with another local media station, he was asked to perform miracles, instead he replied "Will offend my father who is right here in New Jerusalem (Lukhokhwe Village)". Although according to his church members the major miracle he had performed earlier on was turning water into tea (black tea) and they really enjoyed it some even took it to their various homes.

When some of the Nabiis were asked why they joined the church, they replied it's because of the miracles he performed.

"I joined Yesu wa Tongaren in 2014. Before I knew about him, I went through a lot of tribulations. I suffered from strange sickness and insomnia. When a friend directed me here, the first prayer cured me.” one of the Nabiis said.